Concept Architecture

The advances that the construction industry has experienced in the last 50 years has been absolutely amazing.  To put it in to perspective 50 years ago no one had a power drill.  20 years ago no one had a cordless drill.  Today, however we have computers in our pockets but are still behind slightly in the development of great tools, I feel like at this pace to keep up with technology we should have more robots doing the work than humans, but the construction is still labor intensive even with the advancements in some of the tools.  I still feel today that one of the biggest disconnects between the architects and the contractors is that we as architects dream big, we think the only thing that limits us is our minds, and how much the budget of our client is.  The truth is however that we can dream of stuff that in all actuality, just can’t be done.  As long as we are reliant on certain tools and certain materials there will be limits to what we are truly able to accomplish.  The nuts and bolts of the creation of a building though is only partially us, its the guys toting tools every day, its the trucks towing trailers full of materials, and its the heavy machinery that assembles the structure of the building.  All that being said here’s a quick tribute to some concept architecture, that maybe one day we will actually be able to see.

architecture 1

architecture 16


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