Red Hat build of Quarkus: Kubernetes-native Java

Kubernetes-native Java with low memory footprint and fast boot times for microservices and serverless applications.  Explore all Java content. 


Quarkus is a Kubernetes-native Java stack for microservices and serverless development due to its fast startup times, low memory footprint, and small application size.

Creating applications for the hybrid cloud can be a challenge. Developers need to handle data persistence, integrate disparate services, ensure application security, and much more. An orchestrated development environment accelerates the creation and deployment of applications across both public and private clouds allowing developers to build once and deploy anywhere.

Quarkus is an ideal Java framework for the hybrid cloud because of its ability to support both traditional and cloud-native architectures. Quarkus is designed to optimize Java for container environments, and as a result, can significantly increase developer productivity and reduce operational costs.


Quarkus can save up to 64% more of cloud resources when compared to another widely used Java framework

Developer performance

“Quarkus can save up to 64% more of cloud cloud resources when compaired to another widely used Java framework.”

Quarkus optimizes Java applications for Kubernetes. Both JVM–based and native applications perform significantly better than traditional Java frameworks in terms of memory, density, and startup time. For more info, read the IDC Quarkus lab validation report.

Read the IDC validation report

Come for the performance, stay for the productivity

Developer productivity

Quarkus provides a frictionless development experience through a combination of tools, libraries, extensions, and more. Quarkus makes developers more efficient during the inner loop development cycle while in dev mode.

Dev UI

Visualize and configure extensions as well as access to application logs and testing components.

Dev services

Automatic provisioning and application wiring of supporting services such as databases, identity servers, and more.

Continuous testing

Get instant feedback on code changes as tests run in the background on impacted code.

Command line interface

Create projects, manage extensions, and execute essential build and dev commands.

Remote development

Run dev mode remotely with changes to local files immediately available in a containerize environment. 

Quarkus where? Everywhere.

Red Hat is committed to supporting Java developers who use Quarkus to create applications for the hybrid cloud by making Quarkus readily available through a number of product entitlements.

Run Quarkus on your laptop with Red Hat CodeReady Containers, or layer it into your development process.

Quarkus for Spring Developers

Quarkus for Spring Developers is a Spring developer's ultimate resource to learn about Quarkus and Kubernetes-native Java. It showcases and explains how Quarkus enables modern Java development and the Kubernetes-native experience. Get introductions to familiar Spring concepts, constructs, and conventions through equivalent code examples, then learn how they map to Quarkus. It additionally places emphasis on testing patterns and practices. This talk explains what led to the writing of the book in the first place while also highlighting some of the similarities and differences of Quarkus and Spring.

Use cases

IoT edge

IoT edge

IoT makes it easy to connect devices and cloud-based applications.

Serverless functions

Serverless functions

Optimized scaling with a better developer, it connects everywhere.



Design applications and services to respond to real-time information.



Automate and integrate with Kubernetes Operators.