Red Hat Plug-ins for Backstage

Red Hat Plug-ins for Backstage work in tandem with Red Hat Developer Hub and pre-existing customer installations of Backstage to extend its functionality and improve the overall experience. These Red Hat plug-ins are the supported version of the community plug-ins.

Red Hat Developer Hub

Extend Backstage functionality with plug-ins

With plug-ins, you can incorporate pre-built solutions, shared patterns, and preferred tools that help developers get up to speed faster. Red Hat Plug-ins for Backstage, including plug-ins for Keycloak and Quay, provide a more integrated user experience without compromising application velocity.

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Authentication and authorization with Keycloak

Authentication and Authorization with Keycloak

Load users and groups from Keycloak enabling use of multiple authentication providers to be applied to Backstage entities.

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Container Image Registry for Quay

View details of container images stored in Quay in Backstage. View associated security vulnerabilities (CVEs) associated with your deployed images.

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Container image registry for Quay
Multi cluster view with OCM

Multicluster View with Open Cluster Manager

View clusters from Open Cluster Manager’s (OCM) MutliClusterHub and MultiCluster Engine in Backstage.

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Application Topology for Kubernetes

Visualize your applications’ deployment status and related resources deployed on any Kubernetes cluster. With this plugin, developers can see a graphical visualization of your Backstage service’s workloads and their pod statuses in real time with the ability to filter workloads by a specific cluster.

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Pipelines with Tekton

View the detailed status of the last Tekton PipelineRun of your services in Backstage. View a list of PipelineRuns associated with your service.

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GitOps with Argo CD

Easily view ArgoCD status in Backstage. View Argo CD deployment history.

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