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Hello.  Welcome to my blog about architecture.  This is not your standard blog about the architecture itself, don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely fascinated with our modern day marvels.  I am equally as fascinated that we have some buildings or remnants of buildings still standing from hundreds of years ago.  What a feat!  I can drive downtown now and see a 50 year old building decaying, but the Colosseum still stands!  That’s incredible to me.  I have been in architecture now for quite some time in my life and though most of what we do is honestly glorified design and remodeling the interiors of existing spaces, what i really enjoy are the opportunities to make an entire building an art piece.  To be able to give it status and meaning beyond what its purpose is simply by its design.  I will probably never have the ability or budget in my lifetime to accomplish something like that, but its kind of like the Super Bowl for us, you know, the Big Show…. to be able to accomplish creating a new landmark.  So even if i never get that opportunity I figure I can dream about it and write about it here.

I will get in to how I see some cool buildings around the world, but I first must start with the most recent newsworthy piece of architecture that has happened in America, being the One World Trade Center.

Downtown_Manhattan_from_heli-April2012 (1)

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The photo above shows the Manhattan skyline not long before completion of the new tower.  Appropriately nicknamed the Freedom Tower, there is an endless list of intricate “easter eggs” if you will about this tower and how it represents not only America itself, but serves as memorial to the 9/11 attacks.  First and foremost the tower is 1,776 feet tall, which is also the year that America declared its independence from tyranny.  Wow, just had a thought as I was writing, this is a slight rabbit trail but looking at that picture and thinking about the year 1776.  America is only 240 years old.  That’s only 6 generations, in this photo above 24o years ago, was nothing.  Dirt, and nothing.  not only were there not buildings and we can clearly see how far that has come in two and a half centuries.  But think about what is happening in those building in New York.  in a measly 240 years this infrastructure has been created, in 240  years the economy that almost begins and ends here in these buildings every day, was non existent.  It is astonishing to me to think how rapidly our country has grown when matched up against its existence.

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