Burj Al Arab

This place is frikkin awesome.  The END *mic drop*.  Ha, I kid slightly but seriously, there’s not much i can say that can add to the glory of this place.  Sitting just of the shore in Dubai, held up by an artificial island, which was engineered incredibly, it stands as the 4th tallest hotel in Dubai and is made to appear like the sail of a ship.

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Being connected to the shore by only one curved private bridge this building is absolutely breathtaking, at night it lights up like the fourth of July and shines over the shore.


burj al arab

You see that satellite looking dish thing up at the top of the building?  That actually a helipad.   For one particularly event the ownership turned it in to the worlds highest tennis court and let Roger Federer and Andre Agassi play a game on it.Capture

That would creep me out.  That looks awesome and terrifying all at the same time.


The interior is nothing short of unbelievable.  This 7 star hotel designed for royalty and sultans is a sight to behold.

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I guess ill just keep sitting here and eating chocolate dreaming that one day i might be able to go here and visit.

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